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I’ve missed you guys.  Have you missed me?  Aww.  I know Marian’s missed me.  (I miss you too, girl!  Call me!)

Well, the good news is that my blog silence has been more indicative of me being productive rather than of me laying in the gutter somewhere counting my toes over and over again because I’m convinced I’m missing one.  (“Always look on the bright side of life….” <whistle>)  🙂

Actually, Fat Cat cracked two leg bones (tibia and femur — cringe!) in BCT.  He kept training on it for four weeks until the Army was able to get him in for an MRI and determined that he should not be training on it.  Then they sent him home for 30 days convalescent leave with instructions to take calcium and take it easy.  He did.  And he seems good as gold.

So we enjoyed our 30 days as a family.  It was really nice having him home.  But he’s been back to Fort Benning a week already.  All kinds of “missing” going on.

But even with all that going on, I’ve been pretty busy writing.  Time has become so precious around here (oh, god, little person sleep troubles! — why the hell won’t she sleep?!) that any “free” time I have goes straight to the project at hand, which is usually up against some sort of deadline.

So that’s the real reason behind my blog neglect, Fair Reader.  But I was always thinking of you guys.  I have a goodly-sized list of things I want to share with you soon, including the best ad copy I have ever read…for a free cat.

But I figured you’d appreciate the reason for my absence being that this is a blog about writing and building a writing career.  Though it seems when the writing’s really cooking, that’s when I get lots of blog article ideas.  However, since I don’t always have the time to develop an article, I’ve decided I’m going to start posting daily updates, just so folks have someone to compare notes with at the end of the day, ya know?  Sometimes the only motivation you need is knowing there’s someone else out there spinning their grindstone too.

So with that, this past month I’ve written a new short story; finally gotten a graphic novel project put together and over to the right people; vetted the first three chapters of my NaNo novel with my school writer’s group; developed two new short stories; a ton of rewrites; and something else.  I can’t remember.  It’s been a frenzy in my brain.  I’m experiencing some sort of Creative Renaissance, and I’m digging it.  I hope it keeps on keeping on.

This morning I wrote in my work  journal:

“Jesus, look at this mess.  If someone asks me what I did this morning, I’d have to say rantings!  Lots of rantings!  Hope it makes sense later.

“I have so many fantastic ideas to work on…and they keep coming on…I can’t keep up…an exciting and worrisome phenomenon that I’ve decided just to be grateful for.”

Truly, I can’t keep up.  I’m doing my best though.

How about you guys?  Have you been writing?  Have you been thinking about writing?  Who’s knocking around your brain at night when you try to sleep?  I hope they’ve been keeping you up. <g>


I wonder if there’s a census somewhere that has determined what percentage of our population is hypereccentric*.  Even though we say we wouldn’t be, I think we would be really, really surprised.

Still, you gotta give it up for people who will dress up in bee costumes to stand up for what they believe in:  Spelling Reform (cuz the English language is just too hard).  Their slogan?  “Enuf is enuf.  Enough is too much.”

I love the human animal.  You just can’t make this stuff up.  🙂


* Stark-Raving Crazy with a capital S, R, C.