Yay!  This week I get to share with you my best friend Kellie’s creative workspace…and man, is this girl the most creative person I’ve ever met who doesn’t think she’s much creative.  Sheesh.  She did her eldest daughter’s room in Harry Potter, complete with wall sconces and a mural; she makes amazing quilts; and she scrapbooks like a professional.

Some years ago, she and her husband converted their garage into a finished space for her to conduct her “not so much creative” activities.  I love this room.  I love that this kind of organization exists in the world.  It gives me hope.   🙂

Take a long, envious gander.

Look at all that surface area.  I’m wiping away the drool as I type.


I love a jam-packed bookcase.  Ah, the good things in life!


If I had this much surface area, you still wouldn’t be able to see it on any given day…except maybe the day it got set up.  So awesome!


Kellie’s frighteningly organized.  I’m jealous. 😉  Love that cup!


A box of all the pictures this girl has to scrapbook.  She’s amazing.  She really is.


Cool scrapbooking stuff…organized, of course.  I wonder what it’s like to be able to find stuff you’re looking for.  Huh.  Something to put on my bucket list.


More cool scrapbooking stuff.


Kellie rocks.  This is like getting to go through someone’s cabinets…without having to get off my fat — ouch!  Sorry.  The dog trod on my toe.


Lots of fat quarters…oh, yeah!


Unbelievable.  There’s room for more stuff in her drawers.  I wonder what that’s like.

ZOMG, Kellie!  Please come and fix my desk.  It seems to have a too-much-crap problem.  But I’m going to need help finding it first….


Another added bonus:  there’s enough room in this converted garage for her youngest to have her own workspace…which is just as amazingly organized.  And she’s 11.  (I look away in shame.)


I know.  Maybe I can pay the 11-year-old to deal with my too-much-crap problem. 🙂

~     ~     ~

I am having too much fun with this series.  I love seeing the spaces where my friends create.  It’s really inspiring, and it lets me see a side of my friends that I never really think about.

Anyway, who’s next?  Who’s ready to share where the magic happens?  Come on.  Let us in!  I swear nobody will go through your medicine cabinet. 😉


First of all…a thousand apologies for being lost in space…twice in just a few weeks.  Not to bore you all with details, but besides all the Neighborhood Watch drama, the Toddler developed a massive case of snot.  (I have witnesses if my veracity is called into question.)  That, plus her being genetically programmed not to sleep, has made these last few weeks difficult.  And yes, I shamelessly blame the Toddler.  But I do love her…yes, I do!  Yes, I do!

But enough of that.  I’m ready to get down to business.  Got lots and lots of stuff to tell you guys…not least of which my chupacabra sighting.  Also have a published author interview coming your way.  And if the stars align, my office may be presentable enough for tomorrow’s Workspace Wednesday feature.

And before I forget, let me address the Dinosaur Party.  I must tell you, I was approached by a miserable bunch of stuffed reptiles on April 1st, extremely disappointed that there was no party to be had.  Just so you know, I take responsibility for this month’s word count not being up to par.  And I did tell the Head Chieftan of the Household Dinosaurs.  Of course, he, being a wise and old dinosaur, understands the pressures of everyday life, and expressed understanding.  And he, also being an avid fan of circus performances, was extremely excited by my suggestion that we not call it a failure, but perhaps a two-month word count goal.  So with the wave of my magic wand, March Madness becomes March and April Madness.  So, if you would, support my desire to play with dry ice and lots of props and send in your word counts!  100k all the way!

What else is going on?  Oh, I’m in the midst of a top secret project, one that I’ll be talking about in days to come.  I’m also making progress with certain things that must be done for Ye Olde Platform, so hopefully, by tomorrow sometime, you will find this blog up at my very own domain

In other news, I will finally crack free of my dusty, antiquated ways and sign up for a Facebook and maybe a Twitter account.  Gawd.  (Somewhere I can hear Marian going, “Sign up already!” 🙂 )

Dang, it’s so nice outside!  Look!

View from my office window.

But you know what?  Mom has the baby today, and I am at home…alone…a very rare circumstance…during the day…in front of my computer.  I couldn’t be more ecstatic to be holed up in my office looking at this:

It's shiny, isn't it?

To be honest, I actually converted to Mac a month ago and just haven’t had a chance to discuss it.  But after a month of owning it, I can honestly say it was worth every penny.  I love it.  I love this computer.  Yes, I want to marry it.  That’s how much I love it.

So finally, I’ve got Scrivener, which is just a dream software for me.  It’s described on their website as “a powerful content-generation tool for writers that allows you to concentrate on composing and structuring long and difficult documents.”  No kidding.  I’ve got three or four different projects I’m working on in it, and it’s been absolutely terrific.  It seems especially useful for series stories.

And I managed to learn iMovie fairly easily and turned out a little vidlit story that I’m proud of…and had such fun putting together.  I can’t believe the learning curve on Mac software.  I’m constantly floored by how damn easy things are on this operating system.

And don’t get me started on the magical trackpad….

I’ll try to blog a little more about various softwares and conversion issues as I get into them.  Sometime this week, I need to see about installing Windows XP on it so that I can run my court reporting software…

…which reminds me…I better get to working if I want to pay for this thing.

Hope you all are doing great!