I feel like figuring out how to approach this topic is akin to trying to take a bite out of a whale’s ass.  It’s just too big.  I can’t figure out which angle to go at it with.  (There’s an image for you.)

Well, let’s first identify what we’re talking about here.  I went to Dictionary.com and looked up “speed.” Here are some definitions that suit our purpose here:

Full, maximum, or optimum rate of motion; to promote the success of an undertaking; further, forward, or expedite; to succeed or prosper; to the maximum of one’s capabilities; operating at full or optimum speed.

Wow.  Imagine that.  Imagine what it would be like to be working at the maximum of your capabilities, operating at full or optimum speed.  Of course success and prosperity are included in the definitions of speed.

Let’s say right now you are not working at your full potential.  I’m just going out on a limb here.  Don’t feel bad.  This is not a terrible thing.  All it really means is you just haven’t leveled off yet.  If you’re still breathing, you’re still in the game.  (Lucky for me….)  There’s still lots of better up ahead.

The best part:  You don’t know yet what you’re capable of.

What if you discover, after getting rid of all the mental junk and streamlining your work habits, that your sweet spot is 3,000 words a day?  Ah-ah!  Don’t scare it away.  Just, what if?

That’s over a million words in a year…or 11 longish novels.  Close your eyes and imagine 11 books with your name on them.

You like that, don’t you?  Me, too.

So.  This is our task set before us.  This month we are going to discover our full and optimum speed in order to further, forward, and expedite our success and prosperity…and then we’re going to have one hell of a party!


P.S.  Tomorrow’s post is a complete mystery to me…but it may or may not involve dried elbow pasta.

P.S.S.  Considering I spent over five hours writing this post every which way — don’t judge me — I’m going to add the word count of today’s post to the Word Pile:  362.

P.S.S.S.  Yes, I am aware of the irony.  Be quiet.

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