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After Fat Cat left for boot camp, I lost my guaranteed two hours every morning at Starbucks.  So it seems my productivity, in general, has gone down…but not really.  I’ve lost that precious alone time where I’m able to focus completely on what I’m working on without worrying about the baby…however, with the weekly writers’ workshop, plus our monthly writers’ meeting, I feel like I’m producing good stuff in an even shorter amount of time.  Enough so, that I have accumulated a fairly significant pile of stories that have been workshopped and need various degrees of spit and shine before they can go out.

So this morning, at 4:30 a.m., I got up and sorted through everything.  I’m surprised at how quickly the stories add up.  I’ve been so focused on getting the next one done, and the next one, that I didn’t realize just how much I had written.

So although I have a big fat stack of folders awaiting my attention — not to mention the second half of a horror story that’s waiting none too patiently to be written — I am happy.  Fat stacks of folders containing completed stories that I’ve written makes me happy.  🙂

Feeling organized makes me happy too.  😉

This, of course, means that I am hopeful I can return to a more consistent posting schedule with the blog.  I have loads of stuff I want to talk to you guys about!  Stuff like, how fast do you write, how to place limitations to make a better story, and the like.

This is what I like about writing.  And this is why I like writing about writing.  Every single story teaches me something new, and I’m always excited to share it with others, to see if they experience the same thing or hear how they deal with it differently.

This is also, I imagine, why “retirement” doesn’t seem to fall into the writer’s lexicon.

So stayed tuned.  I’ll be serving up lots of writerly food for thought.  And I’ll commit now and say that I will have something new posted tomorrow.

There.  Now will you come back and visit?

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