This made my January!

I know, I know. I’ve been absent. But it’s not because I haven’t been thinking about you guys. Honestly, I think about you guys all the time. I’ve got a folder this thick (indicating a very thick folder) full of everything from thoughts about new shows (Vampire Diaries, I heart thee!), exciting-not-nerdy-at-all writing stuff, to dog pictures. I’ve got lots of dog pictures for you guys, you lucky devils.

I was going to blame it on the aliens — they’re thick as thieves out here and won’t hesitate to snatch you when you’re dragging the trashcans to the curb — but I promised I wouldn’t blame them this time. (It’s totally their fault…they have satellite TV!)

Truthfully, it’s been a slow start to the new year. I think as I get on in years, it takes me longer and longer to recover from the holidays. And I’ve been working hard — really hard — on the writing. I know it’s hard for loved ones to hear that you’re writing, you’re working, yada, yada, yada, and they don’t see any results.

Believe me…I know because it’s hard for me too.

I was really struggling with this at the beginning of the year. It’s usually my most favorite time of the year, but not this year. I was just having a tough time with everything.

Then in late January, I got the most awesome Happy New Year’s card from my friends Holly and Raj (Holly is the incredible, inspiring force behind www.ilovemynewstemcells.com). Thank you, guys, so much!

Anyway, I know the year is already starting to cut teeth, but I wanted to wish you guys a happy new year and pass on Holly and Raj’s sweet message. I hope this comes at a good time for you as it did me.

Oh, I should mention that I am writing this from Rome, Italy. That’s right, baby! Happy New Year and Seize the Day By the Throat and Put it on a Plane to Rome! I’m back, and we are hitting the ground running.

So that thick folder of Vampire Diary musings and dog pictures I was telling you about? All that can wait until later. In the meantime, I’ll be sharing pictures of the Colosseum and the best sandwich I’ve ever eaten in my life! Unfortunately, that will have to wait until tonight as I have a train to catch to Venice. (Squee!) So stay tuned. I’ll be posting daily, and I’ll tell you the whole long story of how I ended up here in the first place.

Happy New Year! I hope you’re busy chasing dreams…and catching them!


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