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Thanks to a heads-up from Josh Vogt, I have a new blog on my blogroll:  “How to Kill Your Imaginary Friends, a Writer’s Guide to Diseases and Injuries, and How to Use Them Effectively in Fiction,” by Dr. Grasshopper, a recent med school grad currently seeking a residency in internal medicine.

Besides being a resident-doctor-to-be, Dr. Grasshopper also happens to be a science fiction and fantasy writer, so he understands the writer’s perspective.  And he’s willing to try to answer your fictional cause-of-death questions so that you don’t look like an idiot.

He’s funny.  I like him.  You should read him.

With blog posts titled, “If you shock a flatline, I swear I will come to your home and beat you with a wet chicken,” how can you not check this guy out?

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