In the entrepreneurial spirit of hanging a shingle, I have decided it’s time for me to establish a professional work space, one that doesn’t have mounds of laundry piled on it.  Almost every book on writing I’ve ever read stresses the importance of having a designated, organized work space in which to conduct your business.  This sounds like good advice.

And since I decided this year I’m going to actually follow good advice instead of just agree with it, I’ve started excavating my desk in my bedroom.

I was hoping to post before and after photos by now, but the work goes slowly with a little one underfoot.  Plus, I decided it was high time to organize all of my writing stuff (we’re talking drafts of stories that go back to the 8th grade, folks).  As you can imagine, I’ve gotten in the middle of it kind of wishing I never opened up those boxes.  You can’t even tell we have a dining table anymore.

So in the meantime, I thought I’d offer a peek of my orderly office outside the home.  Look familiar?

I know a lot of people think writing in a coffee shop is a little pretentious, but who cares?  They’ve got loads of caffeine and eats, they offer great tables next to outlets, and they don’t care if you stay for three hours straight.  So you probably spend $5, almost $10 if you get a sandwich.  You’re still talking cheap desk rent at the rate of $1.60 to $3.50 an hour.  Plus, you get coffee and grub.

I affectionately refer to this place as my Starbucks.  The people there are absolutely wonderful.  When I walk in, it’s, “Hey, Angela, how’s that little girl of yours?  Venti chai, right?  No water, whip, I know.”  You can’t beat that kind of beginning to a serious work session.

And for those who might be suspicious that I’m there surfing the net and spending unnecessary money while goofing off — he knows who he is — I’m finding my most productive time to be at Starbucks.

Fat Cat watches the baby for two hours every morning, and those two hours are precious to me…especially considering I can only write at home when she’s asleep.  As she grows older, the naps are becoming shorter, and most nights, I end up going to bed with her.  So Starbucks hours are gold.

So I get in there, grab a table — I’m not particular — pay for my chai, and set up my laptop.  I’ve got my notes and materials for whatever current project or task I’m working on.  I’ve got noise-canceling headphones — I swear by them, unless you enjoy listening to people’s cell phone conversations — playing whatever I’m currently in love with on the media player.  (Brit/piano/alternative rock seems to be where I’m spending all my time these days.)

This is my zone.  This is where I can churn out 2,000+ words without breaking a sweat.  This is the place where I can concentrate completely on the work.  And this is the only place I can listen to music that loud and not bother anyone or worry that I can’t hear the baby.

My friend has a library she says she dreamed about for 10 years.  That sounds like heaven to me.  But in the meantime, I don’t mind paying rent at Starbucks.

How about you all out there in cyber world?  Where’s your in-the-zone all-time favorite place to write?

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5 thoughts on “MY OFFICE – PART 1

  1. Ninja-chan says:

    Hey! It’s your niece, the budding author, and my favorite place to write is that stupid recliner sitting next to the window in the living room. XD

    I’m incredibly jealous. 2000 PLUS words?! I usually only write about 2000 words of my novel per day! *headdesk* I feel like an epic failure now… Though I can’t say I’m not proud of how everything is going. I’m at about 82600-something right now, and am nearing the 200 page mark – which is good, considering I took December off and started again at 1:00 AM on New Year’s Day (approximately 15000 more words since then! Oh yeah!). And it’s not even close to being finished. Novel writing is hard work.

    It also doesn’t help I keep getting new ideas for about a gazillion other books, ranging from stories about a society of thieves to virtuosos to warriors of Light to students with magical powers. Plot bunnies are devilish little creatures.
    “B-but I’m trying to write my novel!”
    The plot bunny then proceeds to gnaw at my brain until I finally give in and sit down to write the first chapter. *attempts to beat plot bunnies back with a broom, but is soon trampled by the stampede* I am a very easily distracted author. I’ll sit and watch birds fly by for ten minutes before remembering I’m supposed to be trying to write the next Great American Novel. I suppose this is what Write or Die is for…

    But I’m going to get there. I’m no longer a Wannabe author – I’m a Gonnabe author. This is our year! *pumps fist* Let’s do this!

    • mybluescreen says:

      Sweetie, you are the furthest away from an epic failure that I’ve ever had the privilege to come across. 2,000 words a day towards a novel while managing a busy high school career is hardly what I’d call any kind of failure. And 2,000+ days are still rare days for me, though I’m working on it.

      But I am sooo very proud of you. You’re going to get this thing done. You have more focus than most people who call themselves writers have.

      And I hope you’ll let me use “plot bunnies” for a future post. Me likey! Seems I’ve got plenty of those in the old filing cabinet.

      Thanks for reading your old aunt. And yes, this is our year!

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