Slogging my way through the novel.  It was so easy last month.  It got a little gunky midway through, but now the going’s a little easier.  I’m a bit past 67,000 words right now.  Not really where I wanted to be by now, but I think I’ll still finish by Christmas.

Just celebrated my little girl’s first birthday last weekend.  I can’t believe she’s 1 year old already.  We kept it low-key, just family.  It was nice, and she got lots of toys.  She’s been busy playing with the packaging and boxes all week.

Ventured back into the fabulous world of freelance court reporting today.  It’s been over a year since I’ve reported anything, so I’ve been busy getting my software in order, getting my equipment dusted off and charged up, and practicing on my stenotyping speed.  I feel so out of shape!  My wrists are mewing pathetically right now.  (For some reason, regular typing and stenotyping seem to use slightly different muscles.)  But my assignment went well this morning.  Like riding a bike. <g>

What else?  I’ve been developing some plans for the blog.  Nothing Earth-shattering, but I am repurposing it with the intent of bringing more consistent, frequent, and hopefully helpful posts for fellow newbie writers, as well as some humor bits.  More on that in coming days.

Other than that, just chasing the baby around.  Whew!  She’s in full Explorer mode, pulling clothes out of hampers, digging in kitchen cabinets, and turning every piece of paper she comes across into party confetti.  Considering this time last year she was in an incubator with tubes, I couldn’t be more grateful.  Life really is good.

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