The Hermitess and her smaller version received visitors today. Well, just one visitor…my good friend since high school, Mona.  We haven’t seen each other in over a year! It’s unbelievable how quickly time slips past.  Kept telling myself, gotta send her an email, gotta drop her a line.  People, call your friends today. Don’t assume that they’re always gonna be around. Mona returns to flying the friendly skies in May, and of course, around that time, I’m being relocated to latitudes that bewilder.

But it was wonderful to catch up with her.  Mona is a freelance writer who is also the author of an awesome travel blog over at Text and Candy.  She also brought over the very glossy, very sexy issue of Out There Magazine, which contains her fantastic article on how to join the mile-high club, which was located in the very coveted back page of the magazine.  Very nice.  I’m so proud of her!

Yesterday I got in 1308 words in an hour…of fiction.  I am pleased.  Rougher than an unshaven man after a 24-hour bout of the flu, but there ya go.  I throw that on the pile along with apparentbook’s 1,067 words and Sparks in Shadow’s 625 words.  (Awesome!  Thank you, guys!)  That brings us to a current group effort grand total of 47,793 words.  Squee!  Only 2,207 words left to go.  Wow!

In other news, the new MacBooks are out.  I lust!  I lust!

Which reminds me…time for a friendly public announcement:  EVERYBODY BACK UP YOUR HARD DRIVES!  (Not that I’m planning to jump hard drives or anything, I’m just sayin’….)

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  1. apparentbook says:

    Must add more, must write more..
    Word Count (end of last week): 600
    I am better under pressure though…let’s see if I can target 1000 today…of fiction too!

  2. Heather says:

    Ack, I’ll most likely end up writing some more this evening and I will give you those numbers as well at whatever time my body decides I am going to bed. Unless it is after 12AM EST. In which case I will give you my word count for today between 5PM EST – 11:59 PM EST whenever I go to bed. Surely that will count toward this month’s word count.


    When is the Dino party?

    • mybluescreen says:

      It’s scheduled for “midnight,” the last day of the month, but they’re still taking a bath. Such vanity! I’ll pull them out of the dryer in a bit and get them going. 🙂

      Should have this posted sometime Tuesday.

  3. Heather says:

    NOTE: I just looked at the information for the new MacBook Pro and weeped silently to myself. I have wanted a laptop since I was eleven years old, and now I finally know which one I want. There is only one problem: I can’t afford it. And I am saving money for a keyboard that is only a fraction of it’s cost- but I can’t afford that either. I can barely afford a cup of coffee.

    Being a part-time worker and a college student doesn’t leave me much room for extras. I guess I’ll have to start trying to get scholarships… oh goodness, and I just remembered the camera lenses that I want too. Being an artist of any kind is sometimes painful when you struggle to afford the supplies you want. And I like art of almost all kinds… this could be why I am usually broke.

    Maybe I could start selling some photographs…

    • mybluescreen says:

      I remember those days. Don’t worry, they get better. All the more fodder for your art. Nothing wrong with selling photographs either. 🙂

      As it is, I’m debating whether I want to go out and hustle enough work to pay for a new machine. Every time I say I’ll wait though, my computer does strange, forboding things typical of elderly electronics. I don’t want to work this one into electric smoke like I did the Toshiba before. That was scary. 🙂

      • Heather says:

        Perhaps we should encourage each other to start selling one piece of art this week, two pieces of art the next, and so on until we are selling at least something every day. ;] Use those marketing skills that writer’s need so badly. I’ll probably fail miserably at that one since I felt bad taking people’s money even for Girl Scout cookies all those years ago…

        THEN, we can both have a goal of having enough spending money to buy that shiny new MacBook. Eh, eh? What d’ya say?

        Who am I kidding, how am I supposed to sell my art/photography/anything in the small town I live in? The only way I could pull that off is if I simultaneously wore a sign that said “Trying to save money for a laptop for college- college is eating my money. Please help? I will pose for an embarrassing photo later if you purchase something for $20.”

        That, or if I tried selling things to all of my family/friends. Even still I will probably have to work out some kind of deal or bargain.

        [comment above is riddled with very thick, very lame humor.]

        [[author of comment hasn’t really even tried selling anything other than Girl Scout Cookies so she has no idea what she is talking about.]]

        • mybluescreen says:

          🙂 You funny.

          Although, I think you are overlooking one very important resource you’ve got going for you (besides being a talented artist/photographer)…you have internet access. There are tons of people selling their stuff online without having to go through the uncomfortable process of knocking on people’s doors and asking them for their time. I was terrible at selling cookies too. I see lots of photographers selling calendars of their stuff online. Although I haven’t checked, I’m willing to bet there are folks who are printing up and framing their photographs to sell.

          Anyway, don’t give up. And though I’m not a huge advocate on doing things on credit, Apple does offer 12 months no-interest financing, and Best Buy offers 18 months. If you’re going to use the thing to make money, it’s something to consider.

  4. Heather says:

    Thanks for all the great tips. I would have done this as a reply, but for some odd reason the “reply” button dissolved or something. It’s gone! -gasp-

    And I actually do not have a credit card… or any way of selling/buying online. However, “*my people” are working on potentially having that changed.

    *My people are actually just figments of my imagination, and it would have been more accurate had I said that I am talking to my parents about such things. I am seriously terrified of any form of “money” except cash, because if somebody steals my cash they only get what they steal… if somebody steals a checkbook or a piece of plastic… well, it’s THE END OF THE WORLD (almost).

    • mybluescreen says:

      Sorry…need to fix that. I think there’s a default limit on comment replies.

      I respect your opinion regarding credit. Keeps you out of trouble if you only spend what you have. Though if you ever get fraudulent charges on your credit card (and I have), the credit card companies won’t hold you liable. You do have some protection as a consumer. Checkbooks are trickier, and it is always best not to lose those. It can be a pain to straighten out that sort of mess.

      Good luck to your “people.” Would love to see your art available for purchase online. I, of course, would help spread the word…. 🙂

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