This is Solo. He is half Chow Chow and half German Shepherd, and he grows hair like a beast. I’m sure he would be much more comfortable living in cooler climes, but too bad for him, he lives in Southern California…in the desert, no less. So every summer, we are faced with two questions:

  1. When do we shave him?
  2. How do we make it look good?

Too many times I’ve been too proactive and had him shaved before June Gloom. As soon as the hair came off, the temps would fall, and he would end up huddled in a blanket in the corner. Bad Mommy.

So this year I waited until it was good and hot. And it’s been good and hot! Typical 100-degree California summer. He was panting constantly, even in the house under the air-conditioning vent. His thick fur wrapped all the way around his belly, he kept tripping on his own toe hair (swear to Murphy!), and his ear hair was Muppeting again.

“You’re getting a haircut, young man!” I told him.

He gave me attitude. “No way, Mom! I always end up looking goofy and Dad makes fun of me!”


Famous Last Words #782:

“You won’t look goofy, honey.”



Dang. Note to Self: Maybe next time don’t ask for them to round off his head.



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two steaming cups of tea, goblin hands resting on table

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