The view from my "office" - a sidewalk table at a "foreign" Starbucks.

I’ve been busy every day since Fat Cat shipped off to boot camp it seems like.  Between yard clean-up and spring cleaning and taxes and lots and lots of visiting with friends and relatives, I’m finally slowing down to a subwarp speed.  Which is good because it means me, the baby, and the dogs can return to our evening walks, which I’ve missed.

Mom and Dad watched the little one for an hour and a half today so I could play catch-up on a story that’s due for my Wednesday writer’s workshop.  I ended up with 607 words, most of which I liked, which means I have momentum, which means I’m happy.

After months and months of daily consistent writing, I have reluctantly returned to my old habit of sporadic writing, basically piled against deadlines, mostly due to the adjustment period of having Fat Cat gone.  Me no likey.

So now that I’m fairly caught up with the house for now — though the dogs were helpful enough to pull the car cover off my husband’s ’69 Toyota Crown Royal and rip it apart, which a bird promptly pooped on it — thanks, guys — I’m hoping that today will be the first day back on the wagon.  Not only do I have a ton of short fiction I’m working on, a novel to finish, and a few project proposals to write — oh, and a script! — but I want to get this blog back on track.  I’ve got a pile of crap — um, articles and stuff to share with you guys.

Well, I’m off to see how many words I can add before midnight.  Trying to get my protag to the monster.  That’s going to be a fun scene.

Hope everyone else is doing well out there, writing lots, and eating good food (always)!

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