Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch

A few months ago when I was taking my little girl for a walk, I saw these roof dogs barking from yon high at people walking past their house.  Here they are from this afternoon, one dog laying down and the other dog in full sentinel mode.

There’s a story behind the dog who is draped over the spine of the roof, looking towards the foothills.  It’s a story that’s been pawing at me ever since I first spotted these dogs, and it’s quite insistent that it be written.  All signs point to this week.

Besides collecting more story ideas, I made pretty good progress with a revision I’m working through.  Part of the rewrite includes composing a handful of haikus, which have been unexpected fun to write.  I’m hoping to finish it tonight as I’m eager to move on to other things.  So many lovely stories caught in the butterfly net recently….

I love what I do.  🙂

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