Wow.  I barely have stats today.  I’m looking at my log going, what the heck happened to Tuesday through Thursday?  I know I worked those days…though, for the life of me, I can’t really recall those days.  And being that I’ve been running late, late, late with everything — the blog especially — I feel like it’s always yesterday.

I do have good news to report, however.  Being that I had a writer’s meeting scheduled on Sunday, I managed to squeeze in several hours (always of the “wee” variety) and knocked out a 4,000-word short story that was nicely received by my fellow Third Ninjas Omnicient.  Yay!  It was a nice way to end the Month of Speed.

I think next month I’ll continue posting work log stats each week, though I think I’ll drop the week number from now on as I foresee it becoming a bit tedious.  I hope it will keep me conscious of my record-keeping and eager to make those numbers improve.

My goal next month is attaining an even, consistent pace, even if it isn’t as prolific as I’d like.  No more binge-writing for me, thank you.  It makes me…less pleasant than my normal sunny self, you might say, reducing me to spending mornings grousing incoherently during “Curious George,” while the Toddler piles laundry, stuffed animals, and coupon flyers all over me in an attempt to entertain herself.

Though I didn’t write as much fiction as I would have liked this month, I still wrote a damn lot.  A bunch of you did!  I can’t even tell you how excited I am about all the folks who contributed to this month’s pile o’ words!  Thank you, guys! I feel like I kind of have co-workers now.  Very awesome. 🙂

Check it out:  Apparentbook drops us another 1,812 words (bam!), and Heather (A Girl About to be Discovered :))comes sliding in with another 1,889 words (bam! bam!).  The reason for my laying prostrate on the couch unable to defend myself from becoming a preschool art installation, 4,498 words for short story prep (back story, exploring various plot avenues, brainstorming), and 4,340 words of the actual short story (thunk!).  I didn’t even count this past week’s blog post word counts.

What that means is as of midnight, February 28, 2011, we are the bad boys and girls of 60,333 wordsShazam! The dinosaurs are preparing for the ensuing celebration as I type these words.  (They’re fluffing in the dryer.)

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  1. Kathryn McCullough says:

    Great news–glad to have passed 60,000!!!!! I promise to get my next count to you asap–not that it will make an immense difference, but surely it all adds up.

    Hugs from Haiti,

    • mybluescreen says:

      Thank you! Yes, please! Love to hear that you are writing, and every little bit helps. The dinosaurs are pushing for 75,000 next month as I try to put together tonight’s post. I’m trying to exercise some sort of caution, but there’s even someone in the peanut gallery shouting “100k all the way!” I think they’re drunk.

  2. Heather says:

    Whoop whoop, and a rig-uh-bam-boom! We are having ourselves a hip-hop-happenin’ Dinosaurus partaaayy. I just hope the neighbors don’t call the Dinosaur P.D. 😛

    Will the Dino D.J. be playing Ke$ha? I hear she has a song about dinosaurs…

    My mother could make a cameo. She is basically a Dino.

    And thanks for the very nice parenthesized words.

    • mybluescreen says:

      Well, I’m a little late on replying, but there wasn’t a DJ…which now seems like a terrible oversight. But I’ve now got connections to a mirror ball and strobe light, so next month’s party is looking even more jamming. Just need to decide this month’s goal. I keep hearing someone screaming for 100k. I think it’s the voice of insanity. This voice also tells me that for 100k, we will buy dry ice. I don’t know. What do you think?

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