…we are now way past our March/April goal of 100,000 words! A thousand thank-yous to skyraftwanderer, long-time reader and poetic force of nature, for your 11,728 words; my outrageously funny friend Midori, who donated 347 words; and to Courtney, our new friend on Twitter who responded to our tweet for words with 16,500 words!  You guys are my heroes.  The final tally stands at a grand total of 108,812 words! Yow!

That means we can stop counting up our text messages from last month and start writing like crazy for May.  Remember how I asked whether we should go for 100,000 again, or back down?  Well, we’re going for 125,000. Am I crazy?  Yes, but that’s what makes me fun.  Seriously.  Besides, the collie wants it.

Anyhoo, in light of such buoyant news, I’ve given the dinosaurs the green light, and they’ve already brought in the roustabouts to set up.  Looks like the big event will happen sometime this weekend.  I’ve been informed I’m on a need-to-know basis.  (I need to know what the hell they want with a fire thrower.  Veto!)

So depending on their mysterious and secretive schedule, I’m thinking I’ll be able to post photographs and the like — they want lithographs — jeez! — Monday or Tuesday.  So stay tuned and keep writing!

I gotta go.  They’re baking Play-Doh in the oven again.  Dang.

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    • ange6934 says:

      Hey, Doll! I love it when you visit! Yep…we’re having a party. I’ve been given a shopping list by the dinos. They’re crazy.

    • ange6934 says:

      You helped in a huge way. 🙂 I’m excited about it too. They let me photograph their traditional celebration once before, but now they are eager to outdo themselves. They’ve been spending too much time on the Internet, getting too many ideas. 😉

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