Last call…last call for alcohol!  I mean, word counts.  (Dang, that used to be my favorite thing to hear at the end of the night…erm, because I was working, not because I needed help to stop drinking. 😉 )

So here’s where we stand.  Derek from apparentbook — who rocks, incidentally — has recently contributed a total of 4,343 words.  Thank you, Derek!  I’m also putting in 4,009 of my own words.

That brings us to 90,737 words for March and April.  So close!  I think we’ve got it…we just don’t know it yet. 😉

So…if y’all could pretty-please! count up your words from March and April — we need to scrape up 9,263 words in the next couple of days — that would be swell. Then we can show you just how cool a dinosaur party can be!  (The dinosaurs tell me they’re just getting warmed up.)

Despite the fact that everything moves at the speed of Hawaii around here, and regardless of the outcome for March and April, I’m thinking we’ve only got 25 days left for the month of May.  Should we try again for 100,000 words, or should we go with a less noble number until we’ve hit our stride?  Whaddayall think?  To help start things off, I’ve got 11,973 words for the month of May.  I know.  Too bad they’re non-transferable. 🙂


*For those of you who are new to the game, the rules are simple.  Just leave your word counts in the comments section or via email, and I’ll add them to the group word count.  Every contribution gets a shout-out on the blog.  Word counts can be anything:  fiction, non-fiction, journaling, poetry, emails, et cetera.  It doesn’t matter.  What matters is you’re writing, composing new words in new and different arrangements.  When the goal is reached, then the dinosaurs throw a party, and I bring it to you — well, not live, but soon after the fact. 😉  Simple, see?  I don’t even need your credit card…unless you want me to hold it for you.

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    • ange6934 says:

      Holy Word Count, Batman! We have been greenlighted! Thank you, thank you! Yes…very helpful!

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