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Grammar_batI have avoided posting here because I so wanted to report that I had finished the revision of my sci-fi novella.  I kept saying, “Tonight, tonight is the night.”  Unfortunately, I’m not done with the rewrite — and yes, it has turned into a rewrite — however, in my search for the answer to a grammar question, I came across this.  I couldn’t resist sharing.

(I have a character named “Boots” in my story, and I couldn’t decide what is the correct possessive spelling.)

I find myself desperately wanting to form possessives of names ending in “s” the same way I do with any other names. E.g., just as I would write “Plato’s idea” I want to write “Socrates’s idea.” That’s even how it sounds, motherfuckers!

This sent me into fits of sniggles.  Finally, a grammar geek who speaks like I do (I was a raucous sailor in a past life), and who tells it like it is.  I raise my can of Coca-Cola to “Chris” — who coincidentally shares the same name as my protagonist — for giving me a good laugh.

Ah, me.  The English language befuddles and be-chuckles.

Okay.  Back to writing.

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