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Not only is it encouraging, but it’s motivating to take a moment every once in a while and pile up your daily achievements to see how big of a hill you’ve made.  It makes you focus on what you’ve done and not what you didn’t get to.  🙂


In January:

  1. I wrote 28,767 new words. (17,640 of those words were of the novel; 11,127 of those words were short stories.)
  2. I wrote four new short stories, two of which have been finished (meaning they have received feedback and revisions), one of which is out in the world meeting new people.
  3. I submitted four short stories, one of those twice…so five submittals total.
  4. I received one rejection.
  5. I refocused the blog and posted 10 entries/articles.
  6. I read half of a research book.
  7. I completely overhauled all my boxes of writing crap and got everything organized after 20 years…no small feat.


How did everyone else out there do in January?  I hope you all kicked my butt!  Tell me how you did so I can give a cheer…or a whipping, if need be.  😉

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  1. Ninja-chan says:

    1] I wrote 50,000 more words of my novel. And it’s still not done! I might die. How long will this thing be?!

    2] I was devoured alive by plot bunnies, if that counts as an accomplishment. Because plot bunnies can be both a good and a bad thing. XD

    …And that’s about it. I haven’t focused much on anything else. *headdesk* Congrats on your accomplishments, and I hope those short stories get accepted! 😀

    • mybluescreen says:

      I declare you the January’s winner, the most kick-butt writer I know! 100k and still going! Girl, I feel your pain! I can’t wait until you get to print the darn thing out. I want a picture.

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