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Yes, I’m still alive.  Apologies to all for the disappearing act…and encore of said disappearing act.  Been quite busy.  But more on that later.

Yesterday I was organizing my desk and came across some peer feedback I received in a creative writing class I took in college when I was probably 18 years old.  I figured it was too good not to share.

This is what two people wrote about my story:

“Angela, about ‘Rabid Mermaids,’ what can I say?  This has got to be one of the most funny and unusual stories I have ever read.  You have a twisted sense of humor, I like that….”

Cool, huh?  I rock, right?  Think again.

“I’m afraid your story is ludicrous.  I’m sure anyone who told this story around a campfire would get the dookey beat out of ’em.  I always feel cheated when I read a story and it doesn’t make sense or have a point.  Where did this come from?  What inspired you to do this?  Writing stories demands concentration, it demands some sort of intent.  I don’t see any intention here.”

Yowch!  Whoa, the shrapnel of my ego exploding flew all the way to the far wall.  So much blood….<swoon>

Moral of the story?  I guess ya can’t please ’em all, you can only please yourself. <eg>

And yes, the story is called “Rabid Mermaids”; yes, I still have it; and no, you can’t read it as I’m a firm supporter of self-preservation and have no interest in getting the dookey beaten out of me.


* Special thanks to cosbinator1 at deviantART.com for permission to post his awesome rendition of Evil Ariel.

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  1. Marian Iskandar says:

    But would you still let a friend and adoring fan read it? I doubt it was pointless, and even if it were…the fact that it’s called “Rabid Mermaids” warrants its own praise alone (seriously!). I mean, my God…what a title!

  2. Marian Iskandar says:

    btw, I wouldn’t beat the dookey out of you. I don’t even know what the hell a dookey is!

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