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I have finally converted myself from a miserable-hanging-onto-consciousness-until-it-hurts lifelong night owl into an early-to-bedder/wee-early riser, so I am astonished to still be awake.  But when the Toddler hits the hay this early (8:11 p.m. — woot!), I gotta jump on it.  Still, even at the bottom of a Starbucks Doubleshot Energy+Coffee, I feel the wire fingers of sleep threading through my brain-meats and flipping off the lights, all the pretty lights.  I better hurry before curfew is called.

Not to exaggerate in any way — I’m pretty precise on these numbers — but I am currently working on about a million projects in between about a million interruptions, which means there are lots of good things to come.  About a million of ’em.  Got a few writerly articles coming your way, as well as a new Dinosaur Party, which should be renamed the Dinosaur Epic Production of Silliness.  (They are all turning into divas, I swear to Murgatroyd.)

I have finally finished putting together the whole email subscription template thingie, so I should be able to let the MailChimp out of the bag in about a week.  Just wanna test the little bugger.  But this is good news for those who like to receive their My Blue Screen Epic-ness in their emailboxes.  Unfortunately, for my old subscribers (I’m sorry, Ré!), according to The Sacred Path, “WordPress has not provided any way to export/import subscribers, or move them, from one blog to another.” Blarg.

WordPress also does not make it very easy to discover this information, but discovered it is.  So I apologize for that.  I didn’t realize that when I moved the blog.  Easiest thing to do if you’re feening for epical goodness from yours truly — ahem — is to subscribe to my RSS feed using a feed reader.  (I just started using Google Reader and the Feeddler RSS Reader Pro app on my iPhone and I love it!)  Or you can sign up for an email subscription.  If you don’t care to get a daily emailed post, then there is a once-a-week option.  So there’s that.

In other more random news, I got marauded on the arm by some alien life form — or a mosquito on steroids — which resulted in a frightening-looking rash that looked almost like a bull’s eye rash.  Lyme-y!  Doc took one glance, declared it cellulitis, probably from the frantic scratching I inflicted upon it, and gave me drugs to vanquish it.  Already the itching has ceased.  I feel better.

What else?  Discovered new music today.  I love YouTube, and I love, love, love me some Karmin.  Nothing makes me happier than coming across new talent.  These two are not only uber-talented and adorable and charisma mixed with swagger on a plate, but they’re friggin’ goofy.  And that makes me heart them even more.


That would be the cows coming home.  I better go before they catch me out of bed.  They’re so strict.

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  1. Heather says:

    1.) I love this post.

    2.) It make everything so much more clear and I should have read it yesterday.

    3.) I love discovering new talent too, so I will have to mosey on over and have a looksie at Karmin. 😀

    • ange6934 says:

      🙂 Thank you! And I hope you enjoy Karmin. I always have to laugh when I think I’ve “discovered” something new, only to find out they’ve been discovered 15 million YouTube viewers earlier. But man, they’re good. 🙂

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