Keeping it short and sweet this week, guys.  I’ve got unfinished fiction screaming for attention on my desk, and it’s hurting my brain.

43.  “Fort Clay, Louisiana:  A Tragical History” by Albert E. Cowdrey (Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Mar/Apr 2010)

This one really drew me along, but I have to be honest, once I got to the final few pages, I realized where the author was going with it and rather wish he didn’t.  I would have liked to have been surprised with such a marvelous build-up.  But even with the predictable ending, I still think it’s a great story…mostly because I’m still thinking about it. 🙂

44.  “Star-Crossed” by Tim Sullivan (Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Mar/Apr 2010)

I didn’t really embark on this short story report with the intention of reviewing…just simply listing what I’ve read…but aw, what the hell.  I’m bound to have a negative opinion sooner or later, and this guy’s been around long enough he can take it.

This story was just okay for me.  Although it was exciting and action-packed, at its core it is a love story, one that doesn’t ring true.  Kind of a deal-breaker for this reader.  (Rocking title though.)

I will say, though,  Mr. Sullivan has a story in F&SF’s April 2008 issued entitled, “The Nocturnal Adventure of Mr. O and Mr. D,” which I read contemporaneously, and I still remember it quite vividly.  I loved this story enough that I may have to dig it out again and reread it now that I have been reminded of it.

45.  “Parachute” by Shelly Li (Cosmos Magazine)

This is the type of story I love to read:  character-driven science fiction.  A woman rebuilds her old flame from collected body parts and resurrects him with his recovered memories (his SOUL).  It’s a wonderful story.  I only wish the ending were drawn out a bit, that there was a little more struggle on the protagonist’s part before she makes the decision she does.  Recommend.

That’s it.  I’ll try to read more next week.  And I will also try to read more stories that are available online.  But for now, I write.

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