two steaming cups of tea, goblin hands resting on table


So I’ve been a busy little bee. In the past several months, I’ve been putting something special together that I’m really excited to share with you. I made a book! Or rather…we made a book. I had lots of help!

It’s a little book, but it’s a real book, nonetheless…with an ISBN and bar code and everything! A lot of love and hard work went into this little guy, and I’m really proud of it! Lemme give ya a tour!

First, the cover. My very talented brother Jon McConnell, who just so happens to work as a character design artist, took a very simple concept like this…



…and made it look like this!

two steaming cups of tea, goblin hands resting on table

As you can imagine, I feel very lucky to be his sister. 🙂



In fact, I’ve been more than lucky in the access-to-ridiculous-talent game. The intrepid, awesomely geeky, and surprisingly Vulcan-like Pam Peacock, aka The Snarky Peacock, designed the logo for my publishing company Seven Left Turns Publishing, Inc. Somehow she managed to distill the spirit and intent of this crazy venture into an awesome logo reminiscent of Route 66 and classic 1950s. Love it!


I also needed a professional, respectable author’s photo that exuded maturity and rational thinking, so I called on Andrew Bramasco, Photographer Extraordinaire. With the help of Amanda McConnell, the coolest costume designer I know, and Cassie Landis-Cushard, who really knows how to handle a mustache — as well as assorted foam sculptures, duct tape, and a potato launcher (don’t ask) — for one moment in time, I became…the Far Side Lady. Can’t get more respectable than that!


(I accept this photo renders me no longer eligible to run for public office. I deny everything!)


happy fish sings bubble notesGotta give a shout-out to my bestie Kellie Flores who gave me the final nudge I needed to tackle illustrations. I’m glad she did. I had way too much fun doing these, and I got to spend a bunch of money at the art supply store! Always good fun!

Of course, none of this would be possible without my husband Fat Cat and all the hard work he does, as well as my parents. It is to them I owe my weirdness. (They are puzzled by this as well.) Love you guys!

As you can see, it takes a village to raise a book. A mighty crazy one at that. Please to enjoy. 🙂

Between Friends also includes an essay about the times I met Ray Bradbury and is available now on Amazon. (B&N, Kobo, and other fine e-tailers coming shortly.)

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9 thoughts on “WE MADE A BOOK! COME SEE!

  1. Lisa Russell says:

    ANGELA ROCK !…..Thank you so much for letting me read your book..I feel honor 🙂 like I told you earlier this week you did amazing job and I’m ready for your next books..keep up the fabulous job..Ms. Lisa from Tutor Time

  2. Renée says:

    I’M SO AMAZINGLY HAPPY. I cannot wait to get my hands on this and eat *cough* read it up!!! <3 Eeeeeeek! One day I'll make/write/draw a thing, probably with other people, and I still don't know if I'll be as excited about that as I am about this RIGHT NOW.

    • Angela McConnell says:

      Yay! Well, I hope you like it. I popped it in the mail yesterday, so it should get to you by Monday, I imagine. I meant to mail it a couple days sooner, but the day job kicked my you-know-what and I didn’t get out until 6:00! But I was excited to mail it to you because it was the very first Official Mailing of the Book. 🙂

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