Oh, my Gawd! How the heck are you guys?! I know, I know. It’s been like a million years in Internet time, but I’m back! Oh, the places I’ve seen! The people I’ve encountered! You have no idea! It’s a big, beautiful world out there, even in the mild wilds of our local suburban safari park! But I have ventured beyond the boundaries of my average-Joe reservation many times, to that forbidden shadowy place called “El-Ay”…where the stars lay at your feet and the light falls silver from a plasma sun…and I have brought back with me stories of greed, lust, outrageous public behavior, and damn good food.

Throughout my wild wanderings and weekend sojourns, I’ve thought of you, Dear Reader, as I collected stories, photographs, and recipes that I imagined would put a smile on your face, a tear in your eye…and if you’re lucky, a twinge in your gut.

So I’m back, baby, and tending the store! In coming days, I’ll cover the proper care and maintenance of hula hoops, give a rundown on the Trader Joe version of Bulgarian kyopolou — and, of course, I still need to finishing telling you guys about what happened down at the docks in Venice that cold, dark night. Shenanigans!

So visit me daily for good reads, good eats, good laughs — and most importantly — great stories! You’re not gonna want to miss any of it!

In the meantime, please forgive moving menus and disappearing widgets as I am in the midst of straightening up around here in an effort to improve your reading experience. Thanks, guys!

Feels good to be back! <me-YEOW!>

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  1. Renée says:


    So, um, I haven’t used WordPress in SO long that I ended up completely forgetting the password to my GirlUndiscovered blog account and it was attached to an old school e-mail address that I no longer have access to. Now that I’ve wept about it, I’ve determined I’m going to wait for a while before I start another blog. Perhaps this time it will be a bit more “art-y.” Or something.

    Furthermore, this post was so delightful to read. I’ve missed your wit and the way your author-voice sounds in my head OH-SO-MUCH. Let there be humor! Let there be food reviews! Maybe one day I’ll find myself in “El-Ay” and actually get to see what I think about these foods. I’m working on someday getting to actually travel. You know, to somewhere besides the next state over… or somewhere further than a couple of hours.

    Maybe one day I’ll even get to fly on an airplane! Or ride on a bus! Or *gasp* TAKE A TRAIN! Oh goodie, all of the things I want to do someday. *packs backpack and prepares for adventure* The only problem is that I don’t have a backpack big enough for all of the things I want to take along, and I don’t think I’d be strong enough to carry it if I did. 😛

    Nevertheless, I will travel one day. And I will write about it. And sketch it. And photograph it. OH YES.


    • Angela McConnell says:

      Renée! I’m so sorry to hear about the password situations. Passwords are the BANE to my existence! Yowl! But I’m so glad you’ve determined to make a new blog eventually. You’ll have to keep me posted.

      Thank you for your ever kind words, my friend. You are my kind of people. Whenever you make out to California, give me a ring. I’ll show ya the sights, the freaks, and all the good places to eat. Ohh, the adventures we’ll have! 🙂

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