Why I'm so happy.

Why I'm so happy.

I am 36 years old today.

Usually, I treat every birthday like new year’s, trying to figure out where I’m going wrong, what I need to work on, where I want to go, and how to do it faster.  But this year…not so much.

This year, I am happy.  I feel so grateful and fortunate and lucky for my first 36 years on Earth, and I’m especially happy for the people in my life.  When I stop to count my blessings, I realize just how wonderful this life is, what a gift I’ve been given.

Of course, I’m hoping for a couple more sets of 36 years.  I’m a bit greedy that way. <g>  (That’s right. I want to be old and rotten when I kick the bucket.)

Anyway, here’s to birthdays!  Yay!

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